Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Duran Duran rock,
So tired and my throat hurts,
Worth every cent.

In our infinite wisdom, Richard & I decided to park the car at the Pickering GO and ride the train...saving money, gas and environment. We got there in plenty of time and found our seats (needed tissue for the nosebleeds). We got some not-as-expensive-as-I-expected ACC food and headed back for the show.
The openers, Your Vegas, put on a fantastic show, warming up the crowd for half-an-hour or so. The seats slowly filled and we watched from above as the roadies rolled out the red carpet on the stage for the Red Carpet Massacre of the tour's title.

The lights went out and for the next two hours we were on our feet, dancing, clapping, singing along to some new great tunes and the fantastic classics of DURAN DURAN.

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