Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Maybe Haiku Mama is no longer the most appropriate title for this blog. Although, I do love the brevity of the haiku, as well as the thought involved. It requires a certain amount of forethought and therefore one cannot be found to blurt out any old thing.
At the same time, I like the purging quality of just typing out thoughts and senetences as they occur...a more freeform writing that appeals to my spontaneous side.
That said, I will try, more than anything, to post more frequently. I have more free time (as well as a functioning digital camera), and as such more time to put my thoughts and ideas out there.
So, tonight Richard & I are off to see Duran Duran! I can hardly believe that after this many years (I will not say how many), I am actually going to see them live! And, who'd have thought that John Taylor would still be the cutest in the band!?!

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tangobaby said...

A good performer's always a good performer, no matter how old they are since you fell in love with them.

I should tell my sister to keep an eye out for Duran Duran...she adored them. Me, I'm totally ready to see Tom Jones again. I don't care how old that man is--he has a voice that only gets better with time. And the ladies are still throwing their underwear at him (I did not).

Thanks for the visit to the old blog the other day. I am no longer stuck on those terrible songs that shall remain nameless.